"Totems" New Home

On Tuesday, July 23 we shipped Walter Redinger's monumental 14 piece fibreglass sculpture "Caucasian Totems #3" to their new home in the GTA.

For the past 8 months the sculpture has been restored back to their original colour and patina. Spanning over 30 feet, the 14 fiberglass sculptures range in size from 6 feet high to 21 feet high. Our shippers certainly had a difficult challenge ahead.

Follow our Journey:

The day started out beautiful and sunny...

Surveying the restored totems while waiting for the shippers to arrive

On the Move!  The first totem is rolled to the truck

The unloading begins...

It was a proud moment when our shippers were finished

Placing the totems in their final resting spot.  Walter would certainly be proud.

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